SciArt at The Cavendish Laboratory 2018

Online Exhibition


25 Artists were selected to display their work at the first ever SciArt at the Cavendish Exhibition. Artists and their work are presented in alphabetical order by last name. 
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Daniela Brill Estrada

Daniela's work plays with the notion of elements being created in the Big Bang or through collisions of neutron stars and somehow becoming part of our own skin. Using natural materials, chemical elements and verses on the walls she proposes new poetic thinking about science, the scientific world and its theories.


Ricky Chaggar 

Ricky Chaggar is an international award winning composer. With music ranging from traditional orchestral instruments to electronic and sound design, or a combination. His music is played at festivals and concerts around the world. 

Stellar Evolution is composed for orchestra, on the subject of a star’s life. It relates to physics as the melodies and harmonies were composed by using data sheets about the Sun’s life cycle, from Selin Üstündağ and her team of astrophysicists. View the 3 orchestral pieces below. 


andy charalambous.jpg

Andy Charalambous

Andy is a London based multi-media artist whose main source of inspiration comes from scientific concepts or method, primarily in
Physics and Astronomy.


Consensus (Antoine Gittens-Jackson)

Rapper Consensus (Antoine Gittens-Jackson) collaborated with art@CMS, CERN to produce ConCERNed his contemporary particle physics rap album, 2 music videos, performances and guest lectures.


Emanuela Cusin

Emanuela Cusin is a studio artist at Wysing Arts Centre. Her work explores the relationship between the physical processes of trauma and healing, and the personal, socio-political and ecological relevance of these processes in advanced capitalism.

mug shot3.jpg

Samantha Dale Fox

Samantha currently works in the pharmaceutical industry, practicing art under her artistic alter ego Dale Vulpes Vulpes. Her art focuses on medical science as a multidisciplinary subject matter.

Naomi by Mike Sim colour CROP HI RES.jpg

Naomi Davies

Cambridge based artist working in pen and watercolour. Urban sketcher. Quirky images of Cambridge, its coffee shops and bicycles.


Ben Dobson

Ben Dobson explores texture, colour, perspective, light and translucency using mineral, vegetable and animal matter prepared with skill for the microscope and camera. He is featured Aesthetica's Artists' Directory.


Emily Fisher

Scientist and digital artist based in Norwich, UK with an interest in the use of animation and interactive design to create new ways of thinking about scientific themes to break down barriers between science and society.



Katherine Gravett

Katherine uses ink, chemicals and fractals to learn about and recreate natural formations resulting in highly detailed abstract drawings. The relationship between order and chaos inspires her work. She has a background in neurological development and has worked in artist/scientist collaborations.

Nelly profile.jpg

Dr Jonelle Harvey

I am an artist and scientist based in the Cambridgeshire area, focused on interpreting science research through art. I am interested in forming new collaborations.


Philip Kilner

Philip has always been interested in both visual arts and science. The polyhedral and plane lattice transformations you see on display explore fundamental relations between space, number and form. 

Reggy Liu.png

Reggy (Tong) Liu

Reggy Liu is a fine artist and creative director with a practice incorporating drawing, painting, screen printing, photography, film, digital art, sculpture and installation. Liu works in harmony between art, fashion and science – social psychology, physics, facial cognition, special and colour cognition.


Rebecca Nesbit large.jpg

Rebecca Nesbit

Rebecca Nesbit developed her passion for both polymer clay and science as a young child. As an adult, she realised the potential of polymer clay to make original, intricate artwork and so combined her two interests to create science jewellery.


Priya Odedra

My practice explores Man-Nature-Technology relations in order to challenge the anthropocentric view of the world. Technology in her work is implicated as an intrinsic aspect of human identity in a hyper-connected, digital world.


Lisa Pettibone

My aim is to record tension, gravity and energy flow through strong line and distinct form. Conceptually I draw on man’s complex relationship with nature and merge these ideas with the qualities and limits of the material.


Melissa Pierce Murray

Informed by poetry, physics and dance, Melissa uses a range of fabricated or found materials to create human scaled sculptures which explore the boundaries between interior and exterior worlds.

Byron Rich

Byron Rich is an artist, professor and lecturer born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His work exploring speculative design, biology futures and tactical media ecology has been widely shown and spoken about internationally. 

He produces philosophical, technological, and socially resonant artworks
that encourage discourse and promotes scientific literacy.


Jeremy Robinson

Most of the art I have to create is normally to very strict commercial guide lines for a specific brief. In my spare time I draw Space, aero space and chemical related art as well more commercial pieces for events. 


Protective Eyewear Xray Specs 2010.JPG

Helen Schell

Helens specialises in art projects inspired by space exploration & science of the cosmos and I’m an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador (ESA education).


Nicolas Strappini

My practice involves the practical, theoretical and historical investigation of the traditions of making abstract but coherently shaped or patterned images using physical science equipment.

Marcus Volz.png

Marcus Volz

Marcus is a research fellow at the University of Melbourne and a mathematical artist. His interests and skills revolve around mathematical visualisation and he is always looking for opportunities to represent complex information in novel visual ways to help accelerate the learning process, and to uncover unexpected or unintuitive results.


Jenny Walsh

Jenny is a glass artist who not only recognises the decorative qualities of glass, but also the significant role glass has played in scientific discoveries, from the humble test tube to the microscope.



Victoria Westerman

I am a practitioner who seeks novel systems of investigation into the subconscious and the universal visual language therein. I then investigate systems of applying this data to enhance the communication of the sciences.


Olga Yakimenko

I’m interested in polychromatic visuals (currently working on developing an aesthetic using analog video equipment), creating surreal environments for surreal ideas, and connecting to others via shared cultural and emotional experiences, with a particularly fierce love for educational and scientific content.

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