We are a fast growing community of creative people, including Artists and Scientists, based in Cambridge, UK.

We aim to build accessible, friendly and open-minded platforms (meetups, discussions, debates, events and exhibitions) in order to foster and promote collaborations between artists and scientists.

We started (and continue to be) on Meetup.com. We meet regularly and put on workshops, soirees and other events. Many inspiring discussions, projects and friendships have culminated from this group which was started by Frankie Buckle in 2016.

In fact, the Meetup.com group has been so successful, we organised our first exhibition of SciArt at the prestigious Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in March 2018 as part of the legendary Cambridge Science Festival.

We are a small grassroots community who do not make money from any of the activities or events we put on. We are simply people who love SciArt trying to raise the profile of SciArt.

"In this age of specialization people who thoroughly know one field are often incompetent to discuss another. The great problems of the relations between one and another aspect of human activity have for this reason been discussed less and less in public."
Richard Feynman