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Jenny Walsh  ::  Glass Artist

Jenny is a glass artist who not only recognises the decorative qualities of glass, but also the significant role glass has played in scientific discoveries, from the humble test tube to the microscope.

Visit Jenny's Website


Katherine Gravett  ::  Visual Artist

Katherine uses ink, chemicals and fractals to learn about and recreate natural formations resulting in highly detailed abstract drawings. The relationship between order and chaos inspires her work. She has a background in neurological development and has worked in artist/scientist collaborations.


Sophie Weeks  ::  Producer, Art & Science Soirée  ::  UK arm of Neural Knitworks  :: Co-founder of The Colour Institute

Sophie is a doer, maker and all round inspiring individual. Sophie is in charge of expanding the UK arm of Knit a Neuron from Australia as well as organising fascinating Art & Science Soirées in and around Cambridge. She is also cofounder of The Colour Institute - a Multidisciplinary network focusing on colour research.

Find out more about Art & Science Soiree
Check out Neural Knitworks
Find out more about The Colour Institute


Jacob Breward Butler  ::  Outreach Officer, Cavendish Laboratory

Jacob coordinates the Department of Physics' 
widening participation programme as part of the Outreach Office. He organises and runs events for secondary students that aim to demystify physics! He is our main man at the Cavendish for our 2018 SciArt Exhibition "Making Sense of the World" at the Cavendish Laboratory.


Ben Dobson  ::  Microscope Artist

"The beauty in this world is more intense in tiny places."
Ben photographs fascinating tiny things using a microscope. See more of Ben's work as well as purchase his beautiful print on his website.



Ricky Chaggar  ::  Composer & Musician

Ricky Chaggar is an international award winning composer. With music ranging from traditional orchestral instruments to electronic and sound design, or a combination. His music is played at festivals and concerts around the world.


Isabel Lambourne  ::  Painter

Isabel draws influence from a wide range of art from different cultures and throughout the ages. Her work could be seen to reflect on the interaction between man and nature, and between humans themselves.



Matt McDonnell  ::  Physicist, Data Scientist and Doodler

Matt is an ex-physicist now working as a data scientist. Matt draws abstract patterns whenever he has a spare moment and is trying to bring in more representational elements. He is particularly interested in machine perceptions of art and artistic style transfer.

Check out more of Matt's work on his website.



Emanuela Cusin :: Sculptor

Emanuela is a studio artist at Wysing Arts Centre. Her work explores the relationship between the physical processes of trauma and healing, and the personal, socio-political and ecological relevance of these processes in advanced capitalism.


Des Kilfeather :: Conceptual Artist

Des, following his Fine Art MA, explored suggestions there may be a relationship between Quantum Physics and Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Resulting in an ongoing series of oil paintings, prints and multi-media cultural interpretations of that and Many-worlds. Des insists he is not a scientist but is inspired by philosophy and his ‘nonconformist’ conclusions.

You can view Des' work on his website and follow him on facebook.


George Mavrikos :: Sculptor

George is a sculptor making fictional micro organisms out of clay, wax, silicon and plastic. His practice is based on extinction/mutation/evolution with a keen interest in bioluminescence.

View more of George’s work on his website and Instagram.